To be able to enter a trial organised by an ACU club, a rider must be a member of an ACU affiliated club and have a Trials Registration with the ACU. ACU registration requires a code issued by the club which will be printed of your membership card. It is much simpler to join a club before applying to the ACU

Darwen membership 2020 - new members

There are two ways of applying for membership of Darwen Trials Club for 2020. These are:

  • Pay at an event. This will cost £5 and involves completing a simple membership application form with basic details such as name, address and other contact details. A membership card should be issued straight away. If you then apply for ACU registration through the ACU website, your membership will then be checked and your application approved.
  • Via the ACU website. This is a little more complicated as you will need to wait until your club membership is validated by the club. You can begin the process by visiting the ACU website and completing the application process. Click here.

ACU Renewals - existing members

If you are renewing your ACU registration, you do not need a code. Simply complete the ACU registration process - click here - and indicate whether you wish to pay your Darwen membership. Your ACU registration will be approved ONLY when your Darwen subscription is completed. Darwen membership taken through the ACU website will cost £6 to include the cost of administration.

Please note that as we do not currently have a Membership Secretary, membership cards will not be posted but can be collected at an event.