All members are invited to attend the 2019 AGM and see how they can help support the club next year.

This year's meeting is especially important as both Steve Collinson and Barrry Sanderson have indicated that they will not be available for election next year. Between them, Steve and Barry have given over 25 years of service to the membership and wil be sorely missed.

At the moment, all of the club's events are planned and organised by a very small number of enthusiasts - probably fewer then ten - giving up large amounts of their time. Next year's events will only happen if there are enough volunteers to support them. You can help make them happen by offering:

  • Help marking out sections and courses - can take three to five hours the day before or the morning of the trial
  • Planning and organising the Annual Prizegiving Evening - this will only happen if there is someone to contact sponsors, arrange for trophies / games / raffle prizes, book a venue / DJ and so on
  • Making / storing / organising / cleaning section markers  / bibs - needs doing after every trial
  • Looking after the club's cash - keeping records of income and spending to make sure that the club's finances are healthy

At the moment, financially, the club is OK but we are desperately in need of additional help with event planning and organisation. Now it's your turn. If you wish the club to continue in 2020 offering the same number and range of trials ask yourself what you can do?

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Fishermans - meeting starts at 8pm

Start time 11am - Sign-on from 10am

Location is at Warmden Quarry, Kings Highway, BB5 2DL


From the M65 -
Leave the M65 at Junction 8 (signposted Bury, Manchester A56), take the exit for the A56 and travel towards Haslingden for approximately 2 miles. Leave this road when you see a sign for Mitchell's House WTW. Park through the gate.

From Haslingden
Follow the A56 towards the M65 motorway. After passing the roundabout at Rising Bridge, you will pass Warmden Quarry to your right as you drop down towards the M65. Keep on the A56 until you come to a roundabout at Huncoat. Leave the A56 here then follow the signs to rejoin it in the opposite direction. As you climb the hill you will see a sign marked 'Mitchells House WTW'. Leave the road here and park beyond the cattle grid.

Observers, please?

As always, it would be appreciated if you are able to give up a few hours of your time to support our riders by acting as an observer. Please contact Chris Chew (mob: 07841071375)

Save time on the day - download and complete your entry details in the comfort of your home…

- just add your details using your computer, then print.

- print and add your details


It's getting to that time of year again…

The good news is that membership fees have been held down to their current levels for another year.

Renew Darwen membership at a competition

2019 Darwen membership cards will be availaible at our final trial of 2018 at Warmden Quarry on December 2nd. Payment at an event will be at the discounted rate of £5 reflecting the saving on the cost of postage etc. This will give you a card with a code which you need to get your ACU Registration processed.

Renew online

You can also renew online through the ACU website when you renew your ACU Registration. You will need a credit card for payment.

Sadly, we would like to pass on the news that a longstanding member of old, Alan Waring, passed away on November 30th. Known as 'Our Al', he was active in the days of Fred Parkington and Brian Walmsley. His funeral will be at Accrington Crematorium on Decenber 11th at 11 o'clock.

This year's AGM took place on Wednesday, 15th November at the Fisherman's Retreat, Ramsbottom and was attended by eight members.

The following officials were appointed for the coming year:
Chairman - Steve Collinson, Vice-Chairman - Barry Sanderson, Treasurer - Steve Collinson, Secretary - Alex Sykes, Membership Secretary - Catherine Sagar, Publicity Secretary - Barry Sanderson, Observer Organiser - Chris Chew.

Full detail will appear here shortly

Just a reminder that all riders in Darwen Trials Club events are required to have a current ACU licence - officially an ACU Registration. These can be obtained either through the club's Membership Secretary, Ian Capper, or directly from the ACU. If you are registering for the first time through the ACU, you will need to obtain a club code from Ian and also submit a recent passport-style photo.

ACU registration costs £10 a year for both adult and youth members and provides insurance coverage during competitions. An application form can be downloaded below. It is club policy to check licences at signing-on for all events.