2022 Membership

Due to the suspension of activities during the CV-19 pandemic, the club has decided that 2021 memberships will be extended for the whole of 2022. New members joining the club in 2022 will receive free membership for the year.

New members - Getting an ACU Trials Registration / Licence

You will need to be registered with the ACU through their website - click here then either login to your existing account or create a new account. Your account with the ACU will be used for joining clubs, getting your licence and entering competitions. Once you have created an account and logged in, click on Club Membership, Apply / Renew then complete your Darwen membership from there. Your membership will be approved automatically and you should then complete your licence application using the My Licences link.

ACU Renewals - existing members

  1. Go to ACU membership/entry website - https://www.ride-acu.uk/secure/login.aspx
  2. Login - if you are a new member, you will need to make an account
  3. Click on Club Membership / Apply or Renew
  4. If it shows that you are already a Darwen member for the current year, click on the link which says, Find and Apply for membership online with a different club
  5. In the list of clubs, find Darwen MC&CC - click in the Select box, then click Proceed at the bottom of the page
  6. Fill in as much of the form as possible. If it asks you about a transponder, just make something up! Same with other items.
  7. Select 2022 Membership - it’s £FREE again!
  8. Click the three boxes at the bottom of the page.
  9. Then click Proceed.

That should be it!



As you may have seen, clubs are now permitted to start trials again providing certain conditions are met. These are shown in the next item below. This does add a little extra to the workload and, due to work demands for our current Secretary / Membership Secretary / Results team / Website administrator / Facebook group manager, this is all a little too much. So, for events to start again some help is needed. Let's say that again - this time with emphasis - SOME HELP IS NEEDED!

So you're still reading? Well, if you're one of the one per cent who does wish to contribute so that the other 99% can simply turn up and ride, what can you do to help?  We are currently short of a Membership Secretary to handle, er, memberships and Event Secretaries. Both jobs involve mostly form-filling and box-ticking so would suit somebody with a little free time and good organisational skills. Naturally, we won't just say, 'Get on with it!' - but will give you any help and support you need. If you think that you may be able to help get us back off the road, please give me a call. Occasionally, someone might even thank you.

We've received notification from the ACU today giving details of a VERY restricted format for the resumption of our sport. These include the following and will be reviewed during August:
• Club members only
• Adult (over-16) riders only - now removed
• Maximum entry of 40 riders - now removed
• Online pre-entry only
• Rider's home address must be within 40 miles of a club's headquarters - now removed
• No cash handling on the day
As a club, Darwen will examine what the possibilities are for future events and will make any announcements here and on our Facebook page. The full document from the ACU can be downloaded here