Where can I practise?

All-year-round practice is available at Cowm Leisure
It's very helpful to have a local practice ground where you can ride without the pressure of a competition. If you are very lucky, you may know a local landowner who will let you use some of their land. If not, there are a few local places where you can ride for payment of a daily fee. These are at:
  • Cowm Leisure - a very large quarry near Whitworth, Rochdale. See their website for more information.

  • Feniscowles - a disused moto-cross track southwest of Blackburn with a stream and woodland. Just off Livesey Branch Road - follow Stockclough Lane approximately one mile. Contact: Pete - 01254 830554

  • Parkwood Off-Road - a very large area of woodland at Tong, near Bradford. Is used for World Championship Trials. More information on their website

You must make sure that you have the landowner's permission to be on their land - failure to have this may result in confiscation of your bike!